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Our beautiful striped lampshades are our best-sellers. They are made with bands of satin, velvet and petersham haberdashery ribbon and have a fine silky sheen when there is no light behind them but, when illuminated, the vibrancy of the colours sings out.

Our extra large sizes can be used for floor or ceiling fittings. For the larger ceiling shades you may require a diffuser to detract from the inside of the shade and diffuse the light from the lightbulb. These can be fitted within the lower edge of the shade, please contact me for a quote.


Height: 30cm Width: 30cm Price: 99.00

Height: 25cm Width: 35cm Price: 104.00

Height: 30cm Width: 35cm Price: 109.00

Height: 30cm Width: 40cm Price: 119.00


All lampshades are suitable for pendant and lamp bases and are fitted with standard British E14 fittings (approx. 28mm). E27 (54mm) European fittings are available by special request. The fitting is indented from the top / bottom edge by 3.5cm to 4cm.


UK postage and packing is included in the price shown. Our shades are made to order and delivery may take up to six weeks. We will notify you by email of your delivery date.


If you want to purchase the right size shade for a base you already have, follow these simple steps.

You will need someone to help you, a large sheet of paper, a ruler, a pencil and a pair of scissors.
  • Fold your paper to the size of one of our shades (e.g. medium drum shade - 15cm x 15cm)
  • Ask your helper to hold the folded paper over your base, overlapping the fitting
  • Stand back to see what you think

Medium drum shade in navy with medium fifties base in beech
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Rosewine Ruby / Red Hot Red Old Gold Magenta / Moss Purple Purple / Gold Gold Pink Vintage Green Gold / Lime Cobalt / Moss Purple / Moss Bottle Green Charcoal Chocolate Turquoise Navy Aqua Cobalt / Purple Marine Mineral Blue Sage / Blue Cobalt / Daffodil Turquoise / Daffodil Teal / Grey Oyster / Lemon Ice Pink Raspberry Bright Pink